Practical Strategy – What, When and How of Content Marketing



Content marketing is very popular today…..and there is a very strong rational to support it, many of the segments in the market are today less receptive to the advertising, they want to learn themselves before taking a decision and they look for opinions of other consumers before choosing an option.
What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is to produce and communicate relevant, consistent & likeable content for a specific audience. For some, content marketing is even a strategic approach…..for others equivalent to social media strategy….and some even see as the new marketing. However, content possibilities are very wide.
On the other hand, it´s now well known, consumers are multiscreen, they see the TV while working with the computer and pending of the messages on the phone.
They DO watch and listen advertising, consume and produce content….all of the time…at the same time. Ad and content interact one with the other constantly and dynamically.
Therefore, content marketing doesn´t work alone….it´s not a strategy, it´s another marketing channel to get in touch with the consumer. It works in coordination with advertising, public relations, point of sales, experience/activation & digital media.
The role and type of the content marketing depends of the product type, the purchase journey, the brand….and the available budget!!!!!
In Technology, there are features & experiences so hard to explain that the content will be an emulator…while other channels will drive traffic to the emulator….all oriented to demonstration.
A big promotion for ice cream will have TV and radio……probably several videos distributed through social networks…..the promotion site…..all oriented to engage.
Even when goals are quite different, in both of the cases, the message and promise of our brand must be delivered clearly.
Also the piece of content must be enjoyable, delivering a positive experience with the brand.
In some cases, as an addition, the content can be shareable…or viral in social networks words. There are cases when enjoyable and viral content delivers as much as a massive media plan. That doesn´t mean it´s cheap, production expenses are significant and the risk of not delivery the brand message is high…..however, it´s an option to substitute massive media…but the risk of failure is big.

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