Practical Strategy – Social Marketing….Yes, of course!!!! ….but When, How and What for?



Impossible to think in today Marketing without Social Networks. Even B2B and companies can take great advantages from social marketing, no doubt!!!

You can use Social Networks for many things, depending of your very specific business the role or roles you can get from social are quite different. To know the role or roles in your business is really what should lead your social strategy.

As an example, I leaded or experienced examples like these: It´s a very efficient way to offer customer service, releasing resources of your call center and saving money; It´s a fast way to test specific characteristics of your product/services with your customers; it´s a great platform to develop engaging promotions; a great driver to get leads or digital purchases; the best place to generate recommendation of your products and of course, it enables to have conversations with your consumers/customers to generate brand engagement and loyalty (Be clear not all of the conversations will be pleasant).

As everything in Marketing, we need to be clear of the role social has in our business or the role we want social plays in our business. I think not much people will say that they want customer service through Facebook, but if you see 60% of the conversation volume are technical doubts or complaints, you have the answer!

There are several tools to define what role or roles social should have in our model. We need to know where customers look for information to take decisions or solve problems, what´s the journey to buy, what they do in the social networks. As always, in order to understand all of this, we need to know very well our customers, no matter if we use formal research or not, but know them.

Once we know the role, we can decide the social strategy in several ways:

  1. What platform will we use?
    • Not only if we will focus on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
    • Also if we will use only our own platform, also the way we will use other platforms and the way to make to talk about us.
  2. What kind of content will we use?
    • What kind of topics will we talk about?
    • How much will we talk of every one?
    • Where/How will we get the content?
    • How often will we publish?
    • What kind of redaction/approach will we use?
  3. How will we generate our community?
    • Organic only?
    • Media investment?
    • Level of PR & social integration?

With the strategy clear, then we can have our community manager with a clear direction and goals. Social strategy It´s not cover everything that happen around our business, not necessarily to make a massive community, not to talk about us always and not necessarily take advantage of all of the things happening in the environment.

Get in touch with us to get more about your Social Strategy!!!

2 comentarios sobre “Practical Strategy – Social Marketing….Yes, of course!!!! ….but When, How and What for?

  1. It’s also a good idea to have a dedicated tool for social listening so that you could keep track of your strategy and how it is perceived by people. With tools like, it’s a lot easier to stay up-to-date with whatever people say about the strategy, no matter if the opinions are positive or negative.

    Me gusta

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